Plaits Cheat Sheet

This is an interactable version of the Mutable Instruments Plaits model listing.

Select a model by either clicking on the model image you want to view or using the two buttons to cycle through either the synthesis models on the left or percussive models on the right.

If you would like to test Plaits without purchasing the physical module, it is freely available as a VCV Rack module under the Audible Instruments pack: Audible Instruments Plaits

Pair of classic waveforms

Virtual-analog synthesis of classic waveforms.

HARMONICS: detuning between the two waves.

TIMBRE: variable square, from narrow pulse to full square to hardsync formants.

MORPH: variable saw, from triangle to saw with an increasingly wide notch (Braids’ CSAW).

AUX: sum of two hardsync’ed waveforms, the shape of which is controlled by MORPH and detuning by HARMONICS.

A narrow pulse or wide notch results in silence! Use this trick if you want to silence one of the two oscillators, to get a variable square or variable saw.